The ABCs of Self Love Challenge by Melody Godfred

The ABCs of Self Love Challenge by Melody Godfred

Ready to jump-start your self love journey with a new self love challenge?

When I wrote The ABCs of Self Love, I wanted to create a toolkit that makes practicing self love and self care easier, more clear, and more accessible. Through this challenge, I'm going to bring the concepts I write about in the book to life. While reading the book isn't required to take part in the self love challenge, it does offer additional action items, poetry and education to empower your journey. I hope you'll consider picking up a copy on this site or on Amazon.

Please join me for The ABCs of Self Love Challenge on Instagram starting October 1, 2019. Each day, we will explore a letter of the alphabet and a corresponding self love and self care value. A is authenticity, so get ready to dive straight into exploring your true self. As with any self love challenge, the goal isn't perfection, it's progress. If you skip a day, or do a few letters in one day because you're on a roll, remember that there is no wrong way to participate. My goal is to to offer a framework and community to inspire, empower and support your growth. Make sure to tag @fredandfar and uses the hashtag #theabcsofselflove so I can witness, celebrate and share your journey.

Save the graphics below to your phone to guide your journey and to make sharing it fun!