The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here (June Birthstone Ring!)

The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here (June Birthstone Ring!)

At long last, and after many requests, the Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring has arrived and she doesn't disappoint. Pictures simply don't do this gem justice. Perhaps the most magical stone we've introduced yet, the color-changing Alexandrite mysteriously shifts from a dreamy blue to a rich purple depending on the light. 

While Alexandrite is the June birthstone and represents our Gemini and Cancer sisters born in June, it's the perfect choice for anyone who is navigating a period of change (basically - all of us).

Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring

The chameleon-like Alexandrite is connected with concentration and learning. It is a reminder that change is the seed for transformation, which Alexandrite most certainly achieves and embodies. With its dual colors, it is a catalyst for achieving balance: between the mind and body, past, present and future, and physical and spiritual self. 

This lab-created gem is in high demand and incredibly difficult to source. If you've been thinking about an Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring, order yours before we sell out.

The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring is available in both the Original and Mini styles and is available in sterling silver, and 14k yellow, rose or white gold. 

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