The Best Friend

The Best Friend


I would always “joke” around and tell people that I’m my own best friend. At some level I’ve always been fully aware that it isn’t a joke- I am my own best friend, and that’s a good thing. Growing up as an only child I’ve always relied on myself and it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized how much this has shaped me into the women I am today. All my accomplishments and success is my own, and things I have created myself. My ring is a reminder that no matter what, I will always have myself- which in reality is the only thing I need. Loving yourself and being proud of yourself has gotten such a bad reputation, and has manifested into being called “vanity”. I don’t think that’s okay- women should be empowered to love themselves and I am so proud to have a ring that reminds me that it is okay to love myself and be myself, and that it’s okay to be your own best friend."

Rebekah, from Miami Florida
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