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The Brave One

The Brave One

"I vowed the moment I survived that horrific ordeal on May 13th I would never wear jewelry again. Soon after that awful night a package arrived for me. In the chaos of all that was going on I had forgotten I interviewed a very special women, the founder of Fred and Far. We spoke about how powerful her movement is, how the simple ritual of putting on a piece of jewelry every morning reminds you of something so important. Yes an engagement ring reminds you of the love you have for another but where's the ring reminding you to love & care for yourself? Well this is it. Self care is something so many of us (especially women) tend to put to the side. Our spouse, children, job, much has to be tended to we often forget that we need to tend to our needs too. This ring was painstakingly designed down to every detail too. You can hear all about it in my interview on @livvtv. The night I received this ring I was so hesitant & scared to put it on my finger. I wasn't sure what kind of emotions it would bring up so soon after the event. But I did It, I sobbed on my bathroom floor. I realized how much I needed it at that moment. I needed this daily reminder to go easy on myself. (The healing process of any trauma can have you riddled with blame and self doubt) I needed this daily reminder that I was doing the best I can and it was ok to take a break for me. It reminded me that people can take your belongings even your sense of safety but they can never take the love that you hold inside of you...for others but especially for yourself. Thank you Fred and Far." 

-Dina Manzo 

Make sure to visit It is magical. In awe of Dina, and all the women in our tribe who share themselves with such bravery, honesty, and brilliance. 

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