The Business of Self Love - The Live Your Legacy Podcast with Chelsea Quint and Melody Godfred

The Business of Self Love - The Live Your Legacy Podcast with Chelsea Quint and Melody Godfred

Chelsea Quint is a long-time member of the Fred and Far community (she has both an Emerald and a Citrine Self Love Pinky Ring!), which is why I was so delighted to be on this podcast and share how this self love movement is my way of living my legacy - the theme of her podcast. Chelsea is both a business coach and healer who believes healing is the key to unlocking your wildest business dreams. As someone who discovered my purpose and career by embarking on my own self-healing journey, I couldn't agree more. Below please find links to the podcast so you can listen to it in full, as well as an excerpt that shares the questions I'm personally currently pondering. 

Summary of the Business of Self Love with Chelsea Quint and Melody Godfred

"Welcome, friends, to the first of an ongoing series I’m making for us all about the many ways to build a business.

Over the years, I’ve had client after client get frustrated, feeling like they have to create business a certain way. Like they have to change who they are, how they work, what they value in order to succeed.

So, I want to interview folks and take a peek underneath the hood of their businesses, to learn how things work, what they did to make it work, and who they are behind the scenes in and out of their business.

We start with a woman I deeply admire, whose business I’ve been following and loving for years. Melody Godfred is the founder of Fred and Far, a self-love movement that builds community, connection and celebration amongst women. Fred and Far is the home of the self love pinky ring - a ring inspired by the idea of the engagement ring as a promise to someone else, but this time flipped into a promise to yourself.

In this episode, Melody talks about…

How she built a physical product based business from something she needed herself

The good, the bad and the ugly of building a business How to prepare for your success

The toxicity of connecting your worth to what you charge in business

Pricing your offerings and products And so much more.

If you watch my stories on Instagram, you’ve likely seen my citrine self love pinky ring a time or two.

Melody is also an author, and has written two books of poetry as part of her movement, and as I discovered in this episode she’s also a fiction writer. Grab any (or all) of her books below.

Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers and Feelers
The ABCs of Self Love
The Agency

At the end of our conversation, Melody shared a note about choosing between staying safe, comfortable, and going after what it is you really want. I’ve copied those questions below, and invite you to reflect on them and, if you feel so inclined, share what comes through and tag Fred and Far on social media.

MG: “What is my big picture dream? What is that fantasy? What is it that I want for myself more than anything? And then follow that with, and what am I willing to give up today to get there?

Because the thing you have to give up might be very safe. It might be very familiar and comfortable, and you may not know what stands on the other side of letting that thing go, but sometimes sacrificing is necessary and that's what I'm trying to get comfortable with.

It's like, how can I sacrifice the known for a greater unknown?”

Listen to the podcast here or via the player below.