The happiest girl in the room

The happiest girl in the room

"I grew up with a loving family and loving friends. I was always one of the happiest people in the room. I played sports all my life, was involved in tons of clubs and groups, and loved people! Life was just wonderfully normal for me, up until I graduated high school. The transition to college threw me for a whirl, and brought on tons of anxiety. Before I knew it I didn’t have sports to fall back on, all my friends were at different schools, and it was time for me to grow up and take  on some responsibility. All of the new stressors in life found a way to get to me, I became obsessed with diet and exercise, and the more weight I lost, the more I felt loved and noticed.

Then it hit me, I was discussing some health issues and my doctor told me I had anorexia. I did not believe her, I was always an A-B student, so driven, ate healthy, exercised, there was no way in my mind that I had an eating disorder. Well I most definitely did and it got a lot worse before it began to get better. I struggled with anorexia and exercise compulsion for about two years. I remember the day I decided to recover, my mother looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “You are going to die if you do not do something.”

From that moment I decided to choose myself, choose my life, and choose to love myself. I am two months into recovery, and I definitely have a long ways to go and a lot of weight to gain. I got the self love pinky ring to remind me that I am important, that I do love myself, that I am so incredibly worth it! Every time I start to get down, I just glance at my ring and it is the gentlest reminder that I will be okay, just keep doing me. Thanks Fred and Far for your amazing rings, you all rock!"


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