The MINE Necklace Makes A Bold Statement About Belonging

The MINE Necklace Makes A Bold Statement About Belonging

I'm so proud to launch my latest product, the MINE necklace. The MINE necklace makes a bold statement to the world about belonging. 

What does it mean to belong?

It is both a matter of possession, and inclusion. We spend much of our lives seeking to belong- to a person, to a group. And sometimes in that pursuit, we relinquish our autonomy, our worth, our very wholeness with ourselves.

This statement necklace tells the world, I am MINE. Is there a more powerful statement to be made?

When you wear it, you take possession of yourself, and responsibility for yourself. The card that comes with the necklace says:

I am MINE.

To define.
To encourage.
To enlighten.
To adore.
To challenge.
To delight.
To accommodate.
To accept.
To welcome.
To love.

I am MINE necklace by fred and far

The MINE necklace is available in sterling silver and 14k solid gold, and is made with love in Los Angeles, California. It measures 1 inch by 1/2 inch, and comes on a 16 inch chain.

As Tracee Ellis Ross said, "My life is mine." Wear this reminder and reclaim yours.

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Melody Godfred Mine Necklace