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The Mini Black Spinel Self Love Pinky Ring is Live!

The Mini Black Spinel Self Love Pinky Ring is Live!

The tribe asked, and we happily delivered. The Mini Self Love Pinky Ring is now available with a lab-created black spinel, because all black everything (am I right?). Joking aside, this gorgeous black ring packs a serious metaphysical punch. The black spinel is a magical stone. At its core, the black spinel is a protective stone that promotes healing, whether it be physical, mental or emotional healing. It does this by powering up your root chakra, which is incredibly grounding. Simply put, black spinel gets to the root of a problem, and solves it. Black spinel is also an empowering stone, that transforms anger and resentment into open communication, and also promotes a sense of self-worth and joy. It’s a great stone for everyone, but is especially powerful if you’re a Scorpio or Taurus. Although many crystals promote healing, spinel takes it to the next level – healing on 24 levels (compare to a black tourmaline that heals on three levels). When it comes to physical wellness, it is a detoxifying stone that balances your pH, improves the function of your lymphatic, reproductive and immune systems. The best part about lab-created stones is that they are biologically identical to natural stones, and carry all of the same metaphysical properties, without being so destructive to Mother Nature. And she is our queen. While we love black diamonds, the black spinel is just as beautiful - with so much more intrinsic value and strength. So happy we discovered this powerful stone and can share it with you.

So let's make a pinky promise to take care of our health - physical, mental and emotional. 

Click here for the Mini Self Love Pinky Ring in Black Spinel

Click here for the Original Self Love Pinky Ring in Black Spinel

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