The One Who Knows It's Perfectly Okay to Be Imperfect

The One Who Knows It's Perfectly Okay to Be Imperfect

"So my self love journey began about a year and a half ago after I moved into my first house and was once again living alone. I soon realized I was sad despite reaching this amazing goal of buying a house. I felt alone. And as far as I could see I was alone. What made it worse was that I didn’t like who I was alone with...ME. I didn’t like who I was, I hated my body, and I couldn’t see how anyone else could like me either so I stayed alone. It was a blog that had shared Halle’s Instagram talking about body positivity and self love, things I was unfamiliar with, it sounded selfish but I also realized it sounded like something I needed. So I followed her and then began completely curating my instagram feed with self love accounts. Through these amazing people I learned so much about myself and understanding of what works for me when I’m in need of a little self love. Everyday isn’t perfect but I’ve learned that that’s okay. "


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