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The One Who Always Has More Within Her

The One Who Always Has More Within Her

"Just over a year ago I started a venture to heal my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) naturally through lifestyle changes and supplementation. Anyone who knows PCOS can tell you, it is like an all-out assault on your femininity and your peace of mind. Your best chances of healing the symptom-causing issues at the root come from a painfully clean diet, exercise that doesn't over stress your body, and stress reduction in your life (also certain supplements that can help).

I was in a relationship at the time that had become just too much for me, and I had to let it go. At least for the time being (I don't give up easy). Within the same week, I started having other health issues that I'm still dealing with today. A few months later, we lost one of my cats to feline leukemia. The same week, my younger siblings and I were in a serious car accident. I was in the passenger seat and bore the brunt of the injuries, although thankfully, none were too serious. I'd lost myself somewhere between the years of PCOS and trying to carry more than I can. Lol What a year! Seriously, somebody give me sparklies and feed me cake. By winter, I was done. Just so so done. My confidence was stripped, and I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

By chance, I came across Audrey Roloff's IG and one of her Always More posts. She spoke about faith and knowing through God's grace, we always have more within us. There's always more to give and to do and to be. Something just clicked. It felt like I had been living in a tired fog for YEARS, and now I am fully awake. The two messages of Fred+Far and Always More melded together to nurse my tired mind back to health and I am me again. I have care for myself intensely in order to heal. I still get tired sometimes, but you (and this gorgeous ring on my finger) remind me that is okay. It is okay to rest, and I know I will have more to give in the morning."

- Anonymous

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