The One Who Created Her Brand

The One Who Created Her Brand

"I am 30 years old and 6 months ago I broke up with my ex. I had the worst relationship ever, he was younger and he used to treat me poorly. The day we officially broke up, he insulted me over 6 hours by messages, saying that I was nothing and that I would never do something real with my life, that I wasn't worth it, and that I didn't deserve anything in life. Reading all these mean and terrible things gave me the strength to start living the life I've always imagined and gave me the strength to make my dreams come true.

One day I was on my Instagram and a picture of Lucy Hale's self love pinky ring popped up my phone so I started investigating Fred and Far, the community and the philosophy, that's when I fell in love with Fred and Far and I knew I had to have my ring. The thing I learned from a bad relationship was to love myself first.

So here's the happy part: 6 months later, I started my own company of natural cosmetics. I am a makeup artist and always wanted to have my own cosmetics brand: Lukin Cosmetics. I learned to be happy by myself and doing the things I love, and the most important thing learning to love myself. Thank you guys for this amazing philosophy of empowering women.”

- Lorena

Edited for clarity and length.