The One Who Decided

The One Who Decided

Christmas came a little early for me this year. I was scrolling through Facebook one night when I came across this ring... I fell in love with the meaning behind it and, as someone who struggles daily to see her own worth, it was perfect.

Forget the years I spent hating myself.
Forget the people who MADE me hate myself. The people who changed me, broke me, and left me.
Forget the idea that someone has to make me feel like enough.

Every day I'll look down at this beautiful ring and remember the pain but have it all mean something now.

I'll be reminded to love myself.
To cherish myself.
To be willing to forgive myself.
To see the love and compassion that I carry in my heart for others, the value that I add to the world.
Today, I pinky promise to love myself. I'm worth it.

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