The One Who Decided to be Her True Self

The One Who Decided to be Her True Self

"Birthdays are a reflection of the life in your years. A time to take stock in how far you’ve come and what you still have left to live! I’m excited how life continues to challenge, humble and amaze me! ⁣

My revelations..⁣

I’ve realized as hard as it was to lose friends through divorce it’s what needed to happen. ⁣

There are people that couldn’t come with me where I am going. It cleared space for others with the type of connections that were meant to grow, expand and move me forward. ⁣

So while my group may be small, I choose quality over quantity. ⁣

I have realized being my true self feels more natural and aligned. Not pretending to be someone I’m not to gain approval, acceptance and my worthiness. Pretending kept me constantly chasing, exhausted and more empty. ⁣

I have learned how I want to feel in any given situation is a choice. A choice I have to keep making constantly. ⁣

I have learned that this healing journey is never really over. And I don’t think I’d ever want to arrive. I want life to continue to teach me, pushing me into a constant state of evolution. ⁣

Knowing also that part of evolution is in the ebb and flow. The two steps forward only to go one step back, life’s beautiful two step. ⁣

Every journey starts with awareness. You cannot grow, evolve, learn, expand or heal without the presence of awareness. ⁣

I know first hand what it means to get in my own way. To make excuse not to do something. To sabotage your own dreams because fear is more of a friend than courage. ⁣

The best thing to do is say yes to the things that scare the shit out of you the most. The how, what and why will follow. ⁣

I’ve learned my intuition always knows the answer before I do. I’m still trying to fine tune my ability to listen and trust. But awareness is key!⁣

I’ve learned to pause and question my thoughts, views and opinions. To not be so quick to judge or project my biases onto others or their situations. ⁣

I have learned divorce is nothing to be ashamed of. Fuck other’s opinions. It has been my rebirth, allowing me to fully discover and know myself which has led me to my passion. ⁣

So here’s to year 42... I’m ready!⁣

In service ❤️🙏🏼"

- Jessica from Kansas

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