The One Who Found Her Creativity Amidst the Chaos

The One Who Found Her Creativity Amidst the Chaos

If 2020 has emphasized anything, it would be that nothing is guaranteed, sleep included. The restorative power of rest has been severely lacking in the midst of this stressful pandemic and the new chapter of Civil Rights in the US. And if I can’t find some sort of rest, how can I be creative? How can I ask myself to create when it’s a struggle to wash dishes and do laundry on the same day? I haven’t figured it out, but a new impulse started to pop up throughout the insomnia. I started to see more days turn into nights and back into days and something about that was healing. Today, checking our phones means seeing states burn, cities blow up, and more racial injustices manipulated to benefit political gain, as the death toll continues to grow.

With all of that, it feels selfish (and a bit ridiculous) to play dress up or indulge in guilty pleasures when the world heavy with change, but for me, it’s essential. Dressing up may not be everyone’s bees knees, but taking a moment to care for yourself should be - whether you have a Self Love Pinky Ring or other symbol of self love and self care or not.

To sit and be with yourself shouldn’t feel like a rarity in the middle of quarantine, and yet I’ve shied away from it nearly all year. Insomnia has gifted me with some essential “me time.” Time where instead of creating for my job or others, I can get creative with myself. As an artist, that is precious. I’m grateful that I finally said yes to a moment with myself amidst the chaos.

- Sasha from Dallas

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Sasha Mayada