The One Who Found Herself

The One Who Found Herself

My journey to self love is a long one. Growing up with bullying and body shaming and in a broken family, with an unbelievable strong woman that I am grateful to call my mother raising 5 children on her own. I lost my heart to a man when I was 20, 9 years ago, and never got it back, just to realize, I will never be with him.

Like a leaf did I try to find my place in this world, always thinking not to be good enough, not to be right the way I am. I got told I am too sensitive, too loud, too much, too crazy, too thoughtful. With 21 #metoo crashed my life, my self confidence, my feminism. And until a few months ago I thought that would be my life. Losing the people I love and myself to men that tried to make me someone I am not. I broke free from a toxic relationship and found myself. Traveling on my own, go to places I always wanted to see and finally I started to love this one person who was there my whole

This ring is just a milestone, a small one with big meaning, my promise to never lose myself again and to never give up on this person that smiles at me no matter how hard life is, this person that went through loss and pain and love and damage and hate.
This is the short form of my story that would fill books. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Lisa, from Scotland

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