The One Who Improved Her Whole Life by Loving Herself

The One Who Improved Her Whole Life by Loving Herself

I spent the majority of my life trying to keep people happy...everyone but myself.

Last year, I realized that I was always the giver in my friendships and most of my relationships. And I finally decided to honor myself—to choose myself—by eliminating those one-sided relationships from my life.
It was difficult, it was lonely at times, but it was imperative for my physical, emotional, and mental health.

The day I decided to choose myself, my entire life changed. My outlook on life and even my performance at work and in school improved. My relationships with the people who TRULY cared about me improved. And I realized that choosing myself had to be a lifelong commitment.

When I stumbled across the #selflovepinkyring, I knew I had to have one. I saved up for months so I could purchase it. It is a concrete reminder to choose myself every day and to love myself unconditionally. I cried (happy tears) when my ring arrived. ❤️ Thank you, Melody, for this movement and this beautiful, constant reminder to choose myself. Every. Single. Day. 💍💕

- Carolina Attaway

You can connect with Carolina on Instagram at @gainsandgyoza

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