The One Who Keeps Fighting

The One Who Keeps Fighting

"There is a quote by Kaci Diane that floats around the internet from time to time: “I love the woman that I’ve become because I fought to become her.” The mantra of self love is something I rely on daily.  I have struggle with Depression since I was a little girl. It followed me growing up between spilt parent houses, to sleepovers, on dates, in classrooms, to work. I felt mortified that I had to be given a pill in order to be "Normal". The weight of that insecurity led me to feel unconfident growing up, as if everyone could see the label on my face: "Abnormal". 

I beat my Depression everyday. Relentless positivity hides my battle within. Yes, it's always there, sometimes stronger than other days. My biggest weakness has carved Empathy into me; making me a kinder, more loving person. I don't think I would be the strong, tender woman I am today without it.  I live by the "What I Love" card because I love myself enough to look at this daily (sometimes hourly) and agree, that yes I am worth it. I am worth loving and taking necessary care of myself. I don’t punish myself for having bad days because the root of self love is understanding what you need. And you know, I do love the woman I’ve become, with a life being built upon that self love, because I have fought to become her. "


- Christine

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