The One Who Learned to Let Love in (for the First Time)

The One Who Learned to Let Love in (for the First Time)

Being the only girl born in a family of six boys was quite hard. I expected more love. However, it was the opposite. Growing up, I felt I never really desired to accept love from any one, be it friends or family. This made me doubt myself often and think of myself as undesirable. But along the way, I sought for help from different people and I have also found comfort in my sisters, mother, and different networks to connect to myself once more and find my inner power.

I have learned to love myself more and to give myself more time to be a little bit selfish and to give my self a chance to blossom and accept love once again. I have also learned to accept that I am an incomplete product, messy but still very important in my own circle. I have learned to read more, find further comfort in many feminist works documented over time, and joined many women podcasts to keep myself engaged in the change I want to see within myself.

—Katushabe, Kampala, Uganda

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