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The One Who Refocused Her Grief

The One Who Refocused Her Grief

"I joined the Fred + Far self-love movement a little over a year after my Dad passed away. My Dad was my very best friend and losing him at such a young age affected me in ways I didn’t think it would. Obviously I was sad about it, but I didn’t realize my grief had manifested as anxiety and anger too. I suffered for about a year and a half before I sought help. Part of that help was finding the self-love pinky ring!

Since receiving my ring, I have made an effort to focus on the things that make me happy. That includes manicures, iced tea, and spending time with my family. I am focusing on ME right now and that’s okay! I know that working on myself makes me a better sister, daughter, cousin, and friend. I miss my Dad every day, but knowing that I am doing what I can to help myself be happy makes him happy too, because that’s all he ever wanted for us."

- Margaret

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