The One Who Started At The End

The One Who Started At The End

"The end is where you start from.

It took the ending of the most miserable relationship I have ever been in to kick me into a new gear. 

I became really involved on myself and what it truly meant to know me and love me. I had to dig deep, unearth, and unfold a lot. But being the creator of my own reality was my guide. Being the controller of changing my own patterns was my drive. I found my path of least resistance and every day, I’m getting better and better at staying on my path only. 

I knew I wanted to gift myself a ring in my growth process but could never pull the trigger. Then in the middle of the night, my inner being woke me up from a sleep and told me to, “buy the ring.” I then started to have a conversation with myself. So, after much back and forth of, “Really, buy the ring? Right now?” I got out of bed, and bought my ring. 

It’s crazy how knowing it was purchased, and then on its way, just the anticipation of it, truly enhanced my days. 

The quote that keeps me going these days is, “When you can show yourself you can feel good, with or without it, then you can have it.” 

Then on January 3rd, my ring arrived. And all the feel goods, connections, empowerment, Love and commitment to myself heightened. It gained momentum, and looking at my ring everyday is my reminder to stay 🔻self💝love💪strong "

- Ciara

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