The One Who Turned an Ending into a Beautiful Beginning

The One Who Turned an Ending into a Beautiful Beginning

My Journey to choosing myself started the day that my husband left me. He walked away and left me alone with my three small children. Not only did I not have a job, I didn't have skills that would allow me to get a good job - one that would pay all my bills AND allow me to raise my children the way I wanted to.

When he left, I fell to the floor and cried. After 15 minutes of crying, a little voice inside my head whispered, "Get up. Get up! This is not the end of your story; this is only the beginning."

From that moment, every decision that I made was to push myself further towards my goals of providing a life for myself and my kids that we all deserved.

I put myself through school and became an ultrasound technologist. Then, because of my love of medicine and studying the human body, I kept studying and became an integrative nutrition and wellness coach. I love to learn new skills and in addition to my nutrition and wellness business, I have become a social marketer so I can share products that I love with the world.

I bought a Self Love Pinky Ring to memorialize all the steps I've taken to make my life my own.

And I especially love wearing my it because... guess what? Even though I gave my ex-husband my life and devotion and we had three children, he never thought our relationship was important enough that he should give me an engagement ring! I guess that should’ve been my first sign that he wasn’t committed to me.

Well, I am definitely committed to myself. I want myself to know that I choose me every single day. That's why I wear my Self Love Pinky Ring.

- Rada

If you'd like, you can connect with Rada on Instagram at @consciouslivingwithrada and @rada1211

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