The One Whose Self Love Fuels Greatness

The One Whose Self Love Fuels Greatness

"I moved out on my own a year ago after my mom passed away. You could say I lost both my parents at once- one physically, and then  the other mentally. I put on a strong face and went through the motions on a daily basis without trying to feel too much. I lost myself in the process.

    While trying to kick habits that were tough to rid myself of, I began practicing small acts of self love every day. I got into yoga and exercise. I finally got the job I've been waiting so many years to secure. I began attracting good things into my life once I started to love myself. It isn't easy. But once you start, every day becomes a little smoother than the last.

    Around the same time I decided to commit my love to myself, I found the Fred + Far company, and their beautiful mission statement very much appealed to me. A year later, I finally splurged on a self love ring to wear on a daily basis. I must say, the clear sapphire is a beautiful gem, with powerful meaning. Thank you, Fred + Far, for solidifying the proclamation of love I know I deserve, with this ring."

- Nikky

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