The Rose Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring Will Awaken Your Heart

The Rose Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring Will Awaken Your Heart

March's Limited Edition gem is natural rose quartz. Although the Rose Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring needs no introduction, I'm happy to share exactly what makes these rose quartz pinky rings so special.

The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz awakens the heart chakra and inspires peace, tenderness, and healing. It awakens love for oneself, and allows you to receive love from others. Whereas other gems reflect light, rose quartz generates light and energy—illuminating your intrinsic divine feminine energy and aligning you with the heart of the universe—Mother Earth. If you're looking for the ultimate self love ring to buy yourself, this is it.

Heart-opening rose quartz reprograms old stories so that you can experience the joy of living that is only possible when you heal old wounds and welcome the boundless love within yourself.

Rose Quartz is available in both the Original Self Love Pinky Ring and Mini Self Love Pinky Ring styles, and we only have 30 of each. Shop now through March 31, 2021 while supplies last.

P.S. The first 20 orders get a free gift—a raw rose quartz crystal to use during your next self love ritual.

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