The Soccer Star

The Soccer Star

I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I love being busy, working hard and juggling multiple things. I am hardworking, passionate, committed, loyal and happy. I have long days but wouldn't change them for the world. Every time I get slightly overwhelmed, I look at my ring and remind myself how lucky my family and I are.

 For 10 years, I thrived as a sponsored professional soccer player, with 7 years on the US Women’s National Soccer Team (including the 2007 Women’s World Cup). I then co-founded Sweat Cosmetics with four of my former teammates as partners to redefine beauty products for women who are active. I LOVE what I do and I am all about the JOURNEY in everything.

As a professional athlete, our "bodies" were considered sacred, and I took that for granted while playing. Now that I am retired I focus on my self as a whole (mind, body, heart). My self care is found in the little things that I wish I would have focused on more while I was competing. For me, self love is about confidence, compassion and being vulnerable. Self love is about truly loving yourself and having that strong foundation to love others.

Recently I got married and had a baby, my daughter Olivia is six months old. I want Olivia to look up to me as see how hard I work to be the best mother and example for her... My mother was exactly that for me. 

-Leslie Osborne,