The Story Behind The One of One Ring

The Story Behind The One of One Ring

Anytime I create a ring for Fred and Far, the intention and meaning behind the ring is as important as the design. The One of One Ring is no exception. Designed to reflect that we are each a limited edition, one of a kind soul, without a single replica in the entire universe - past, present or future. We are, 1/1. And this is no accident.

When we learn to embrace that we are one of a kind for a reason, we can integrate all aspects of ourselves and become the whole, worthy, self-loving humans we all deserve to be. The One of One (1/1) Ring is your reminder to step into your authenticity and make the impact on the world only you can make.

It's also the perfect gift for someone you love who is celebrating a milestone - whether it's a birthday, a graduation, a new business or a baby. Because each milestone reinforces our singularity in the universe. The 1/1 Ring is a celebration of that fact.

The One of One Ring is available in 14k solid gold (White, Rose and Yellow) for $249 and Sterling Silver for $129. It features our new Choose Yourself pink packaging. It's the perfect stacking companion to your ME Ring or Self Love Pinky Ring. It can be worn on any finger.