The Ten Best Galentine's Day Date Ideas

The Ten Best Galentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day has made its way to our Google calendar alerts, which means it’s right around the corner. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, it’s always fun to spend time with all your favorite ladies. Let’s be real. There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are female friendships, may they always be! (Okay, you caught us. We ripped that off an old Irish proverb)

We’re taking a play out of the handbook of Parks And Rec #bossbabe, Leslie Knope, with the 10 Best Galentine’s Day Ideas to make your day extra special.

  • 1. Throw a party
  • There’s no better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than by throwing a party. Put up the cheesiest V-Day decorations, blast your favorite female playlist (highly recommend Women of Pop on Spotify) and invite all your best girls over. Have a romantic comedy movie marathon and do some karaoke to celebrate the best gals in the world.

  • 2. Eat a luxurious and indulgent meal
  • Gather your squad and make a reservation at your favorite spot. Dress up, do your make up, and make yourself feel your finest. And yes, please instagram the food you eat.

  • 3. Make a craft
  • Are you sitting there saying “Hey Team Fred and Far, we’re trying to keep it on a budget here!” Okay we totally hear you. One of the best ways to use your hands and your right brain is to craft something from nothing. Not only will it be so cute, but you’ll be proud of your accomplishment! May we recommend Galentine’s Plant Art or some Feminist Cross Stitching?

  • 4. Send a postcard
  • Don’t live in the same state or even country as your best girls? Well agree on a post card exchange! Social media and texting has taken the fun of handwritten notes. Plus I guarantee it’ll be a nice addition to your fridge.

  • 5. Go on a quick trip!

  • Pick a place under two hours from where you live, and it doesn’t matter if it seems like the lamest place in the world. Load up your spotify playlist, get some road snacks, and see a new place.

  • 6. Host a chocolate tasting

  • This is our personal favorite. Ask everyone to bring a unique chocolate bar to share and sample. Trust us, this will be better than anything you by from Target in the leftover candy section.

  • 7. Get drinks & play the Galentine’s Day Drinking Game

  • This one is fun. Find a bar you all want to go to. Get drinks. Play the Galentine’s Day Drinking Game. Let the debauchery ensure.

  • 8. The Great Galentine’s Baking Show
  • It's like the Great British Baking Show...but better. Have every one of your gal pals make a dessert to share. And then eat said desserts. Yum!

  • 9. Parks and Rec Marathon
  • Pay homage to the #bossbabe herself. Watch every episode together. Laugh. Cry. Laugh-cry.

  • 10. Secret Cupid Exchange
    Think of it like Secret Santa, but Valentine’s Day theme. Assign gift givers and a budget and get something awesome.

    Do one of these inspire you and your best gals? Let us know in the comments - we want to hear all about your dates!