The Vulnerable One

The Vulnerable One

"You want to talk about vulnerability? Well I know all about that too well. Vulnerability entails giving your all to someone, being essentially naked to them for they can see every part of your being without any barriers, you give yourself to them raw as you are. It’s a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful thing when you do all that for the right person. It wasn’t the case for me. My journey to self love has been the hardest one I’ve traveled, the most painful, the most cruel but the best.

You want to talk about a painful journey? Imagine you meet this person, this “perfect” being. You spend 6 years with him and towards the end he begins to abuse you, physically and mentally. You feel like your life is over. You feel lost. You have been beat to the ground and have become helpless.

This is my story.

A few months before our wedding day, I became a victim to domestic violence. What was supposed to become the happiest time of my life became the most gruesome.

But I thank him, I thank him because, because of him I embarked on my journey to self love. I packed my bags never to return again and I am here. I am here falling deeply in love with myself every day, feeling so proud that I rose up and did not become a victim of my circumstances.

Our wedding was set for December 24, 2017. Everything was set. I had the venue, the dress, the guests, everything ready but instead, something greater would happen. My mom gave me the most beautiful ring that night. In front of all of my family and friends right on December 24, 2017, my mom gave me my pinky promise ring. She challenged me to embrace this obstacle, leave the past behind, and love myself, love myself every single day no matter what.

I left my abusive relationship December 3rd, 2017 and on December 24, 2017 I promised to honor myself, to choose myself, to remember myself on a daily basis."

- Bianca

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