The Who Who Did It Right

The Who Who Did It Right

Am I doing it right? I have wanted to write to you or comment on things you post, but I have not been pushed to actually do so until now.  I've had a hard week. I came home crying from a long night at work Monday. I'm an RN. Next month will be 15 years in this job. I am an expert at taking care of others. I know what they need and when they need it. Somehow though... I never learned how to take care of me, or to be able to express what I need and when I need it. Sometimes I feel like I don't even exist. Night shift exacerbates this.

Anyhoo, you and my ring remind me daily that I do exist! Thank you from the bottom of my warm heart (because my hands are always cold). I am here. I am me. I am enough. I'm home alone tonight doing all the self care I can, repeating affirmations in my head, wearing my sexy bra that no one can see, sucking all the impurities right outa my pores, watching the politics so I am informed, drinking a sparkly water, my kitty in the chair next to me, my doggie in her bed with her bone. The dishes need to be done, I have the heat turned up because it's chilly even though the electric bill will be outrageous trying to heat this 110-year-old house, I told the laundry it had to wait until tomorrow, my porch is covered with leaves, and various other thing are screaming at me.

But I'm choosing not to listen. I'm choosing me. So, am I doing it right? Yes. Yes. And yes. That is all. 

Rachel S.
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