What Your Mediocre Relationship Says About You (And What Self Love Has to Do With It)

What Your Mediocre Relationship Says About You (And What Self Love Has to Do With It)

Why do we stay in relationships that are mediocre, underwhelming, and inadequate—or even unhealthy and sometimes harmful? How many of us have, at some point in our lives, found ourselves working overtime to make a wrong relationship work—dating the same partner three, four, even five times? 

If not from our own personal experiences, then we’ve all at least had friends and family members stuck in this defeating cyclic shuffle. People that we love and trust who are otherwise healthy people that stay in relationships for the wrong reasons. As women, we surge forward into careers and life goals without comprising and without relenting. Yet, too often we find ourselves or our loved ones in complacent, unfulfilling relationships. This begs the all-important question, why is that

Many bystanders might think that women stuck on the seesaw of unfulfilling relationships have a self worth or intuition problem, when in actuality it’s a very real self love problem. A mediocre relationship with another person is typically a symptom of a mediocre relationship with yourself. When you don’t know yourself or honor your needs, it’s easy to stay in a mediocre relationship. Mediocre can be safe, familiar, just enough… but not deeply fulfilling or vibrant. 

If you find yourself in a mediocre relationship, turn your focus inward and ask yourself these questions: 

Are you connected to your joy? 
Do you know what makes you happy? 
Are you nurturing yourself? 
Are you living — or just passing the days? 

If you discover that you are disconnected from your true self, your needs, your joy — start there. Once you start cultivating an exceptional relationship with yourself, you can start to do the same for your relationship with someone else. If you find that your relationship isn’t able to be anything more than it is, it might be time to decide whether it’s the right relationship for you.



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