Why I Created the Self Love Trillion Necklace

Why I Created the Self Love Trillion Necklace

Why did I create the Self Love Trillion Necklace when we already have the Self Love Pinky Ring? Because when your hands are as busy as my mom's, wearing a pinky ring just isn't always possible. 

My mom Jackie is the definition of hands on. Plumbing or electrical issue? She's on it. A meal for twenty that needs to be prepared with two hours' notice? She's on it. A garden with soil that needs to be turned and plants that need to be planted? She's on it. Her hands are a symptom of her busy mind. She is in perpetual motion, and always, in service to others. As the lucky recipient of much of her energy and efforts these days, due to my three kids who adore her more than words can express, I'm starting to set boundaries. To actively ask her to do less, to take more time for herself, to choose herself, without guilt.

Self Love Trillion Necklace

The Self Love Trillion Necklace is my way of giving her a sparkling reminder that she deserves to take a beat, to take a breathe, to choose herself - if only for a moment here or there. When she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, I hope it also reminds her that she is loved, valued, seen and appreciated. Because our world only turns because of her.

I've heard from countless women like my mom, frontline nurses, teachers, other mothers... who fear a pinky ring will last a day before getting lost in their PPE or a basket of laundry. The Self Love Trillion Necklace is for you: it features the same setting as our rings exactly, but it's set on a chain so it can be close to you always.

Self Love Trillion Necklace Choose Yourself Packaging

The best part? The Self Love Trillion necklace features our brand new choose yourself packaging. I know you (or your lucky gift recipient) will love it as much as I do.

Shop the Self Love Trillion Necklace and order by April 23rd for guaranteed Mother's Day delivery.