Why Ruby is the Ultimate Self Love Gem

Why Ruby is the Ultimate Self Love Gem

Rubies are the ultimate self love gem, and our ruby Self Love Pinky Ring is the only ruby you’ll ever need (especially if you’re a July babe and ruby is your birthstone!). Not only will it improve your relationship with yourself, but it has a number of other associated benefits, which you can find listed below:

1. Enhanced Intimate Relationships

Need to spice up your relationships? Ruby is known for being an epitome of undying love, evoking feelings of love, warmth, and compassion. Even more, ruby will help you to resolve conflicts and fix underlying problems with others.  

2. More Self Love!

In addition to enhancing your relationships, wearing ruby will improve your relationship with yourself - the most important relationship you’ll ever have! By increasing self awareness and helping you to realize your truth, you will have more self love.

ruby mini self love pinky ring

3. Boosted Confidence and Leadership Qualities

You’ve heard that, in order to love others, you need to love yourself first. But you probably haven’t heard that, in order to lead others, you need to love yourself first. As it turns out, because ruby gemstones leads to more self love, ruby gemstones have been known to boost a wearer’s confidence, often leading to enhanced leadership skills and authority.

4. Increased Clarity, Focus, and Energy

With such packed schedules, it’s easy to become unfocused and even overwhelmed. We’re happy to say that wearing a ruby stone can hope! The ruby gem has been associated with increased clarity, energy, and focus, helping you to set and stick to your personal goals.

Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring Fred and Far

5. Improved Health

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions increased health? Did you happen to fall off the bandwagon? Don’t worry, we’re guilty of it too! Lucky for us, ruby has been correlated with improved health. More specifically, it has been rumored to strengthen the immune system, increase blood circulation, regulate menstrual cycle, monitor blood pressure, protect against bone disease, and reduce effects of menopause.

6. Increased Positivity

Need a little more positive thinking in your life? We got you! Used in ancient times for the treatment of brain diseases and mental illnesses, ruby has been said to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Ready for a little ruby magic in your life? Comment below whether you prefer the mini or classic, and shop the collection by clicking the images below:

ruby mini self love pinky ringruby self love pink ring