Introducing the Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring: a Symbol of Fortune and Love

Introducing the Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring: a Symbol of Fortune and Love

Rubies free you from the tendency to self sacrifice, and help you choose not to dwell in suffering, instead promoting confidence, positivity and courage. Enjoy our metaphysical lesson on Ruby from our resident gem guru, Kimberly Padilla.

Chakras: Heart, Root, Base  

Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Vibration: Number 3

Ruby follows the path of divine creativity as it brings spiritual wisdom. It has been said since ancient times that if you use Ruby it will make you invulnerable. Ruby was more valuable than Diamonds. This stone has been claimed a stone of royalty as it was used in exchange for an entire city. It is a powerful talisman not only for protection but for prosperity. Ruby symbolizes the sun with its incredible flame.

The bright, fiery, red Ruby has used as a symbol of fortune and love. It helps restore love and passion energy. This love energy allows you to transmute everything from light to love; an empowering stone that will ground you when you have any worries. Ruby releases any kind of destruction or restrictive holds. It brings courage as it reduces fear or any evil that may come your way. It can banish bad dreams as it’s used as a shielding crystal.

Ruby’s vibration follows as a barrier that will detach anything that tries to get near your energy. Ruby works in fire energy of bright illumination in any activity, aligning its self with passion and emotion allowing you to experience all types of love.

Ruby is a protective stone that brings love and light as it aligns the power to chakras. It allows you to work on your self-love and realize your self-worth with its royal identity. 

It stimulates the chakras and allows a kinesthetic energetic movement. The base chakra allows the body to regain strength and rekindle in its light. Ruby stimulates the base chakra as it increases vitality or the chi. It’s also associated with love and the heart chakra.


The Ruby promotes a more loving attitude toward oneself, and as such, is the ultimate self love stone. Ruby is also the July birthstone. Shop the Ruby Self Love Pinky Ring now for your ultimate self love reminder.

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