Ok ladies, let’s make a promise. Pinky swear? You won’t wait for a guy to buy you a ring when you can buy one yourself. And, while we’re on the subject, you’ll wear a ring that has “meaning” that isn’t an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring. Ready?

Enter Fred + Far pinky rings, a new jewelry company that’s all about the women who wears it. The tagline “Commit to Yourself” speaks volumes.

Co-founders Melody Godfred and Samira Far (hence the name Fred + Far) wanted to create a ring that allowed women to honor self-love and not lose themselves in someone else.

The rings draw inspiration from the engagement ring in shape (trillion, pear, marquise and heart–notice none are round), and all feature Fred + Far’s signature inverse triangle emblem, an ancient symbol of the divine feminine.

“The inspiration was very personal, says Godfred. “I had just had twin girls, and with the weight of work, home and kids I felt like I’d lost myself a bit. Coming from a family of jewelry, I wanted to gift myself something but when I went to buy a pinky ring–everything was pave or dainty stackables. Like an afterthought. I wanted something impactful and decided to coopt the concept of the engagement ring, but using lab-created white sapphires set in 14-karat white, yellow or rose gold.”

The rings range from $250 to $450.

Godfred continues: “This is not an engagement ring substitute, or a call to spend thousands of dollars for women to gift themselves something. It can be for a friend… our pinky promise.”