Brit + Co - 5 Feminist-Approved Ways to Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Brit + Co - 5 Feminist-Approved Ways to Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

It’s your wedding day — you can call all the shots if you want to. Maybe you’re a non-traditional bride or perhaps it’s the fierce feminist in you that’s ready to take charge. Beyond picking out your dream wedding gown, you should feel empowered to have a say in your engagement ring. ICYMI: Custom engagement rings are slowly rising in popularity, and for good reason. For the first time ever, it gives you — the blushing bride — insight into the ring selection process. Ahead, we’re sharing five feminist-approved ways to embark on engagement ring shopping.

1. Pay for it yourself. But actually. Who’s to say your spouse-to-be has to be burdened with the financial responsibility? With many engagement rings costing upwards of $1000, this is one dated tradition that can be broken. By paying for your own engagement ring, you not only get future bragging rights, but also the sense of pride that comes along with knowing you put in your own hard-earned paycheck to afford it.

2. Split the cost. Now here’s an idea: Split the cost of your engagement ring down the middle for the fairest approach when you want to take charge of the design. If your spouse insists on paying for it, then reassure him/her that you wouldn’t have it any other way. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, bae.

3. Repurpose/redesign a family ring. Have an heirloom ring or set of precious stones passed down from your great-grandmother, will put in the funds to have it repurposed/redesigned according to your current needs. Doing so not only gives you more say over the actual design process, but it ensures that you’ll la-la-LOVE your engagement ring once it’s finished.

4. Wear the same bands. Take the equality approach by wearing the same bands. It’s not always about the big bling, contrary to popular belief. By sporting minimal bands, you can potentially cut down on expenses and blur gender lines. Leave it to Leo Black to design the “coolest wedding band” ever to honor your lifelong commitment. Brit + Co Pick: Leo Black Promise Ring ($1,600)

5. Take the anti-engagement ring approach. Just because you’re getting hitched doesn’t mean you have to seek out an actual engagement ring per se. Exhibit A: Fred & Far celebrates an anti-engagement movement a la their self-love pinky ring that serves as a “pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis.” How’s that for a powerful feminist-approved statement? Brit + Co Pick: Fred & Far The Self Love Pinky Ring($179)