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LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Fred + Far, LLC announced its launch today with a line of pinky rings aimed at inspiring women's confidence, self love and sense of self. The announcement was made by the company's founders, Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs Samira Far and Melody Godfred. The initial line of rings, all with eco-friendly, conflict-free, lab-made white sapphires, are available direct to consumers starting today at

With the company tagline, "Clarity. Commitment. Creation," Fred + Far is creating both high-quality jewelry for the most neglected finger, and a powerful statement of self-sufficiency and confidence. The inspiration for the company came from the founders' realization that, in light of their demanding careers and family lives, it was important to not lose themselves.

In keeping with this, the debut line challenges the sensibility that only an engagement ring defines a woman's worth —how loved she is —and adds to the world's "jewelry vocabulary" a ring symbolizing commitment to self.

"Our dream is for everyone to realize the profound power of giving themselves the kind of love they would give to another," said Fred + Far co-founder Samira Far. "When we can come from a place of wholly loving and honoring ourselves, every aspect of life adjusts and aligns with us and that is a gift."

Acquiring, or giving, a Fred + Far pinky ring can mark many milestones in life: graduation, career advancement, motherhood, or thriving as a single person. It's perfect for any personal moment when a woman realizes that taking care of herself isn't selfish; it is the surest way to infuse all of her personal relationships and experiences with love and meaning.

"By early 2015, I had hit every milestone: education, career, marriage, mortgage, motherhood. But with each one, my commitment to others grew while my connection to myself dissipated. What made me happy? Who was I after all the labels were stripped away?" said Fred + Far co-founder Melody Godfred. "So I decided to wear a new ring on a new finger, and instead of getting a thin little band, I got something big and comparable to an engagement ring. And so my pinky ring revolution was born. I can honestly say my life has transformed. I am happier, more focused and energized—and as a result, everyone around me is experiencing magic as well."

Fred + Far is proud to announce its use of lab-created white sapphires in its initial line. Not only are these brilliant stones biologically and visually identical to natural sapphires (which traditionally represent the values of integrity, clarity and self-actualization), they are also environmentally friendly and entirely conflict-free. Rather than continue to take from nature, Fred + Far creates beauty in its honor.

Success in business has always been about creating opportunities for entrepreneur Samira Far, who traded a coveted position at a prestigious accounting firm to conceptualize and launch the wildly successful nail salon franchise Bellacures. It was Bellacures' unparalleled standards for comfort, service and technique that let the salon expand across Southern California and all the way to Texas – while earning A-list clientele, awards and media coverage from Vogue, InStyle, Allure and others. More importantly, Bellacures showed women they could have, and deserve, the best when they take time for themselves. It was Samira's firsthand experience with over 90,000 women that inspired her to co-create this symbol of self-commitment and empowerment. Samira is also working on a book that will distill her signature ability to transform concepts into reality.

A brand consultant and attorney, Melody Godfred brings a world of experience to Fred + Far. Her deep connection to gems and jewelry flows back to childhood, where she gained early exposure to the power of both. After a successful career in litigation with Glaser Weil Fink Howard Avchen & Shapiro, LLP, Melody chose to honor her creative roots by founding industry-leading writing and branding firm, Write In Color. In this role, Melody consults individuals and businesses on how to create high-impact brands fueled by self-awareness and authenticity. Melody also spent several years developing compelling content for the super-exclusive firm specializing in rare stones and antique jewelry, Jogani in Beverly Hills. It was perfect preparation for designing the Fred + Far collection, combining countless hours of research about the rarest and most impeccably crafted jewels from the past several hundred years.

The collection, which is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, Calif., currently ranges from $250 to $450, with new pieces coming soon that draw inspiration from traditional symbols of femininity and self-actualization.