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Spotted on Instagram, a new trend sees women ‘proposing’ to themselves with engagement-like pinky rings …

A commitment to loving yourself

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and thanks to a new jewellery trend, you don’t need to wait for your knight in shining armour (because, let’s be real, do those even still exist?) to bend down on one knee and present you with one.

Spotted on Instagram, the trend sees women ‘proposing’ to themselves with engagement-like pinky rings.

The ‘proposal’ acts as a commitment to a special “pinky promise”: Self love.

A very special pinky promise

Created by American jeweller, Fred and Far, each pinky ring comes with an inspiring declaration of self-love and commitment – a “pinky promise”; to always choose yourself, honour yourself and remember yourself on a daily basis.

The beauty of self-love

A quote found on the jeweller’s Instagram page perfectly sums up the beauty of self-love (and explains why this trend will probably continue to grow among both single and married women alike):

Self love isn’t lust.
It isn’t a fierce moment of unbridled passion.
It’s slow and tender.
A steady energetic hum that fills you up from skin to soul.
And when you practise it,
it radiates off you,
full of life
and light
and magic.

Women from all over the world (including celebs like Amber Rose and Lucy Hale) have jumped on the “pinky promise” trend, flooding Instagram with adorable #selflovepinkypromise snaps!