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コスモポリタン アメリカ版によると、L.A.をベースにしているジュエリー会社<Fred and Far>は、そんな忙しくて自分を愛することを忘れがちな女性たちのために新しいコンセプトのプロミスリング「Self Love Pinky Ring(自分を愛するプロミスリング)」を作ったのだとか。










I love myself! A new "promising ring" is prevalent in the United States

Do not forget to love yourself even when you are busy.

If you are sending a dizzying everyday to work, to study, to romance, to childcare, "reward to yourself" tends to be secondary, and moreover, it seems to be everywhere in the world.

According to the cosmopolitan American version, LA jewelry company that to the base <Fred and Far> , a new concept of Promise ring for such a busy tend to forget to love yourself for women to "Self Love Pinky Ring (myself Promise ring) "love Toka I made.


It was launched this company, that Samira Far and Melody Godfred, 2 women. It seems that the meaning of "promise to love yourself" is put in the promising ring which they made.

This is the promise ring white sapphire of conflict-free policy has been used have been unearthed in the harsh working environment diamond is not used at all. Price is in the silver pedestal 150 dollars (about 15,000 from yen). In options, gold, white gold, also can choose rose gold pedestal, here is 325 dollars (about 32,500 from yen).

Samira's and Melody's LA information site for <Racked> told According to the place, I'm this ring is inspired by the engagement ring likely. An engagement ring is like a symbol of a contract, but Samira says "This ring connects the power of the goddess (through the jewels cut into triangles)" with the (to be attached).

"There are many simple promise rings modeled on male rings and there are simple ones, there is no other promising ring of such designs," Melody says.

But, this "promiscuous love that loves you" is never intended to be self-centered, but it is made with the concept of "supplementing yourself with love and power first" before giving love to someone A lot Of the proposer 2 people, continue to examine the perfect jewelry to this concept for many years, that the results chosen it was something I was artificial sapphire of this conflict-free.

"Diamonds are those that create conflicts and forced labor ... but this artificial sapphire does not trace such a blooded history, goes through a peaceful trip, and now it is something that someone who lives daily while choosing themselves and choosing themselves I think it is important to love yourself no matter where you are in the world ... Melody and I believe that conflict-free gems collide with people I strongly feel that I have peaceful energy that does not cause it, "says Samira.

Famous celebrities such as Lucy Hale and Amber Rose are also fans of this "Promise Ring that loves me". It is already appearing in the Instagram.

Samira and Melody's wish is that owners love themselves and care for themselves day by putting "promise ring that loves themselves". I want to see more images of the ring! I thought, Instagram check the try.