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'I choose MYSELF': The anti-engagement rings women are buying for themselves as a daily remember to 'self love'

  • Fred and Far is a new LA-based jewellery line selling pinky rings to women
  • The rings are designed to remind women to love themselves
  • They are like anti-engagement rings and come in various different colours
  • The founders want to spread their message of self-love with the rings
  • Celebrities including Lucy Hale have already been seen wearing them  


Between work, motherhood, working out, socialising and general life tasks, many women have a lot on their plates and can often forget about their own happiness throughout the daily grind.

When was the last time you stopped for a moment and took some time out for yourself, for instance?

One jewellery company, Fred and Far, is looking to change all of that.

A new line of anti-engagement 'self love pinky rings' have been designed to remind you just how important it is to make a commitment to loving yourself.

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