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The “Pinky Promise”…we all use to do it. Growing up, that simple act of two finders curling around each other was a symbol of unbreakable trust. A bond. A promise not to be broken. Alas as adulthood would have it with all of it’s meanness, such innocent acts now mean jack all.  Becoming an adult can really suck sometimes. We get hurt and disappointed and heartbroken along the way. What should be something so easy as someone keeping their word , has now turned into a rarity. In a world full of commitment freaks, ghosters, benchers, catfishers and any other modern term we can come up with , it’s time to now make a new commitment to ourselves. And that is to remember our worth.

I stumbled across this amazing brand Fred and Far that have decided to reinstate a mindset of self love. Their beautiful jewelry line is entirely focused around women making a promise to themselves to love and cherish who they are. WOW! What an awesome and selfless concept. The coolest part is , is that they have these gorgeous rings designed especially to wear on your pinky, so that you can make a pinky promise to love yourself and never settle.