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Diamond Rocks

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Tired of waiting to meet that perfect person? Not yet ready to settle down with someone, because you have a career to focus on? Just in need of some self-love?

There is a new trend in the diamond market, which we believe is a very healthy habit and one that young women should embrace. Once upon a time, it was almost as if there was a race to be wed. Today, though, many women are waiting until they are in their thirties or forties before they marry and start a family. This allows them time to enjoy being single. It gives them the chance to grow an impressive resume and to make a career to be proud of, before facing the challenges of maternity leave and daycare arrangements.

The anti-engagement ring is not necessarily a stab at the conventions of marriage and engagement, but rather a celebration of self. Rather than making a promise to someone else, and marking that with a diamond ring on the ring finger, this trend features pinky rings. The idea is relatively simple. There is no promise to another, but instead a promise to one’s self. This could simply be the promise to be patient with life, to hold out for true love, and to enjoy the time alone in the meantime. It could also be a promise to hold off on plans of marriage until a certain goal has been met.

Regardless of the specific meaning, the anti-engagement ring is the present bought by you for you. Fancy cut diamonds have been favoured for their rings, perhaps in an effort to make them less like the traditional round solitaire diamond engagement ring. But, you can make the ring entirely to your liking. After all, the gift is for you, and you have total say over what it looks like.

If, in the future, you decide to swap out the anti-engagement ring for one symbolizing a promise to another person, then you might even use the very same diamond in an engagement ring setting. But, for now, enjoy something that symbolizes your love for yourself, the promise to be everything you want to be, to build the life that you have always dreamed of.