Women Are Wearing These Pinky Rings For An Awesome Reason

Pinky promise to honor yourself, choose yourself and remember yourself on a daily basis — and do it with the help of some beautiful bling, thanks to the L.A.-based jewelry brand Fred + Far.

These “anti-engagement rings” are a special reminder for single or taken women to take time to focus on themselves. Creator Melody Godfred recommends scheduling time for self-love every week, whether that’s a morning walk, solo brunch or afternoon blowout.

As if the inspiration wasn’t enough of a reason to snag one of these sparklers, the rings are simply gorgeous. A stunning 1.5 karat, conflict-free white sapphire is nestled on the band of your choice: sterling silver or rose, yellow, or white gold.

The rings are packed with powerful symbolism, too. In the Victorian era, wearing a pinky ring indicated you weren’t interested in marriage (self love, 1800s style) and the inverted triangle shape is an ancient symbol of divine femininity.

Melody and her co-founder Samira Far also recommend making a pinky promise with a bestie to commit to self-love together and hold each other accountable. Several women have already jumped on the bandwagon, including Lucy Hale and Amber Rose.

So show yourself some love by ordering your very own self-love pinky ring. Me time is calling!