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EF City

Our jewelry often carries great meaning, but its significance is usually associated with someone else. That’s definitely not the case with new jewelry line, Fred + Far. The L.A.-based brand is putting forth a message of self-love, Racked reports, and it’s doing so by reclaiming an iconic symbol of commitment: the engagement ring.

While an engagement ring has long represented someone’s relationship with another person, Fred + Far considers the oft-overlooked pinky ring as a way to show commitment to one’s self. As such, the brand sells only one item: the self-love pinky ring.

The idea came from cofounder Melody Godfred’s own search for a token she could wear as a way to remember to appreciate and take care of herself. This eventually took shape as a small ring that perhaps recalls an engagement ring. Eventually, Godfred wanted to bring this same sense of self-realization to other women. So, with the help of her friend (and now co-founder) Samira Far, Godfred started Fred + Far in April 2016. (The brand’s name is a combination of the duo’s surnames.)

Its product offering may be sparse, but Fred + Far’s design is as mindful as the message behind it. “Most pinky rings are either inspired by traditional men’s signet rings, or are simply thin little bands,” Far told Racked of the competitive market. Fred + Far’s rings, on the other hand, are inspired by the female form, down to the shape of the stone they carry: Each features a lab-created white sapphire, fashioned into an inverse triangle — a symbol of “the power of the divine feminine,” Far told the site.

Another big part of the label’s self-love narrative is the fact that Fred + Far is an ethical brand: The stones are conflict-free, and everything is made locally in L.A. Prices range from $ 150 for a sterling silver band to $ 325 for a 14-karat yellow-, rose-, or white-gold iteration.

So far, Lucy Hale and Amber Rose have taken Fred + Far’s pledge. Many others have shared their commitment to self-care via pinky ring on Instagram. (Fred + Far makes it all the easier with its handy“pinky promise” cards.) The brand’s work isn’t done: Fred + Far is hoping to grow into other categories, while still staying true to its message — which is certainly one worth reminding ourselves of, especially if all that takes is glancing at a great new ring.

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