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Happy Friday, lovely people! We’re taking a moment for ourselves with today’s 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely! I was so inspired when I recently discovered the self love promoting brand Fred and Far (more on them later!), that it felt like a good moment to do an entire 10 Ways dedicated to self care and self love!

So, from beautiful vows of self love, to bedtime rituals to help you look after yourself, and from satisfying your festival cravings (even if you can’t get to one!) to some of the cutest interior home storage ever… We’re indulging ourselves today!

Grab yourself a coffee and let’s do this thang. [...]


And here it is, the inspiration for todays post! A little LOT of self love!

Not sure what I mean by self love? Or maybe you’re a sceptic, like I was when I first came across this concept (I wouldn’t say I’ve always truly cared for or loved my self, in fact, it’s definitely a journey I’m still on!), nevertheless, when I read this quote by Molly McCord from her book ‘The Modern Heroine’s Journey of a Consciousness’ let’s just say it struck a chord…


She transforms her own dark into her own light.
She sees her private shadows – and loves them.
She is the source of her Self and she is always in a state of greater becoming.


Being kind to yourself. It’s accepting yourself, flaws and all. Empowering yourself. Loving yourself.

It’s not selfish; it’s self preservation. It’s thriving. It’s valuing yourself. It’s being able to love others so much better because you loved and cared for yourself first.

And so when I stumbled across new brand, Fred and Far, on instagram you better believe I fell head over heels in love! In their own words, here’s what this pinky ring movement is all about: 


Woman: Reclaim yourself. 
Wear a symbol of belonging. To yourself. Redeem yourself. Carve out a moment to delight. To discover. To be. 
Remember yourself. You’re the catalyst. You’re the cause. You’re the one. 
Engage yourself. In life. In love. In health. Revive yourself. 
Shed the weight. Of uncertainty. Of responsibility. Of pain. Of disappointment. Of pressure. Commit to something better. 
Choose. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose power. Choose fulfilment. Choose choice. 
Choose yourself. You’re worthy.


The idea came from cofounder Melody Godfred’s own search (read her amazing story of how self love saved her marriage here) for a token she could wear as a way to remember to appreciate and take care of herself. This took shape as a small ring she wore on her pinky, reminiscent of an engagement ring.

Godfred wanted to bring this same sense of self-realisation to other women. So, with the help of her friend (and now co-founder) Samira Far, Godfred started Fred + Far in April of this year.

Whether you’re single, married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, a mother, a girl boss, confident in yourself or racked with insecurities… Wherever you are in life, whatever your ambitions, whatever your struggles; it’s about prioritising you.

…And that’s a bandwagon we can definitely get on board with! 

For the full article, read here.