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なかでも人気なのが、カリフォルニアで生まれた『Fred and Far』。






ドラマ「プリティ・リトル・ライアーズ」のルーシー・ヘイルや、モデルのアンバー・ローズも『Fred and Far』のピンキーリングをInstagramにアップ。





A proof of self-respect that shines on little finger. I'm confident with Pinky Ring

I do not want others to do my own evaluation. I want to be my own person.

Meanwhile, the self-respect of a testament to love yourself as, in the increase in the people who wear a pinky ring is abroad.

Popular as a fashion item × power stone.

Pinky ring to support women's self-respect

Among them popular for is, was born in California, " Fred and Far".

Futari of designers, melody and Samira is, pinky ring professional brand was launched in order to support a woman's self-respectis.

"Even if the stage of life changes, always do not forget your natural self.You decide your worth.You are special and very loving existence"

Pinky Ring with such a message is like a talisman, reminiscent of the wonderfulness of loving yourself as it is.

Conflict-free sapphire stone of the inverted triangle, which has been subjected to the ring, representing the dignified strength and femininity have been.

Lucy Hale also likes Pinky Ring

Lucy Hale of the drama "Pretty Little Liars" and Amber Rose of the model also uploaded "Fred and Far" Pinky Ring to Instagram.

Presence as a fashion item is Pikaichi, it is perfect for a simple fashion accent.

Every time I see the pinky ring that shines on my pinky finger, I feel like I can have confidence in myself.