Glitzbox - Self Love with Fred and Far

Glitzbox - Self Love with Fred and Far

For readers who haven't heard of Fred + Far can you tell us a little about the concept?
Fred and Far is a Self Love Movement powered by the Self Love Pinky Ring. If an engagement ring represents a commitment to someone else, our Self Love Pinky Ring represents a commitment to yourself. When you purchase the ring, you sign a pledge card with your name and make a pinky promise to choose, honour and remember yourself daily. We're proud to have cultivated a strong and diverse tribe of women around the world who have made this pinky promise, and who through our social channels and website witness and celebrate each other every chance they get. 

How did you get into the jewellery industry yourself?

I have no formal background in the jewelry business, but have inherited a passion for jewelry and its symbolic power from my family. When I came up with this concept, I wasn't trying to launch a business. I needed to make a change in my life, and since jewelry has always been so meaningful to me, I thought having a new ring on a new finger as my daily reminder to practice self love and self care could help me transform my life. I was right. Being that I didn't have a background in jewelry, creating the ring was an exercise of love, patience, trial and error. I worked with numerous vendors to get the design and quality of the ring just right. It still blows me away that a simple idea and sketch of a ring is now something thousands of women wear around the world as a symbol and reminder of their self commitment.

What has been the hardest part of growing a business so far?

The hardest part of growing has been deciding how to grow without diluting or degrading our brand. Do we grow by offering new jewelry designs? Or new products? Do we grow by moving into new retail channels, or by sticking to e-commerce? There are so many paths a business can take. I've found that for us, we're most successful when we stick to our core product and our initial path. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, we're really passionate about being the only ring that signifies self love and self commitment, and instead of growing through product, we're growing by developing resources that empower women and also by sharing the stories of the incredible women that join us.

Describe your jewellery style in 3 words:

Powerful, timeless, symbolic.

What kind of women do you envision wearing your self love pinky rings? 

The beauty of this movement is that it is inclusive of all women. We have customers who are under the age of 18, who are just starting on their self love journeys, and we have women in their 80's who realize it is never too late to choose yourself. We've had generations of women make the pinky promise together (daughter, mother, grandmother), we've had best friends who gift each other, and we've had women join us who have overcome or are working through the greatest challenges life can present, from trauma and abuse, to divorce and illness. Fred and Far is a Self Love Movement for all women. This is perhaps my favorite thing about what we've created.

And if you could have anyone (dead or alive) as a brand ambassador for Fred + Far, who would it be?

My current dream ambassador is Tracee Ellis Ross. She chooses herself on a daily basis, and it is apparent through her spirit, her words, her actions, and her work.

Do you remember the first piece of jewellery you were given? What was it and why was it important?

One of the earliest pieces I can remember is a silver ring from my parents that had two hearts on it. It was my comfort piece, and reminded me that they were always with me. 

From your personal jewellery collection what is your favourite jewellery piece and why?

Ever since I created the Self Love Pinky Ring it has become harder and harder to wear my other rings. Wearing it gives me such clarity, power, focus and calm. That being said, I'm lucky to have a beautiful collection of new pieces and vintage pieces I've inherited from my family. I think one of the most meaningful pieces is a necklace my parents gave me when I gave birth to my daughters. It is the necklace my father gave my mother when she gave birth to me. I tend to gravitate towards jewelry pieces with meaning and history. Nothing makes me happier than when a tribe member tells me she will pass on her Self Love Pinky Ring to her daughter.

Are you currently working on any new collections?

As I mentioned earlier in this interview, the most challenging part of growing a business is growing without degrading or diluting your core message and offering. Rather than creating new collections, we're focusing on offering new stones for the Self Love Pinky Ring. In March we're debuting an aquamarine that I'm very excited about.

And finally, what is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Take off my Self Love Pinky Ring and put it on the crystal ring holder by my bed. And putting it back on is the first thing I do when I wake up. This ritual is my way of starting and ending each day with the intentions I've infused into the ring.

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