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When it comes to all the rings in the world, the engagement ring tends to be seen as one of the most special. Yet, the only problem is that engagement rings are well, ya know, only for those who are engaged. That’s exactly why creatives Samira Far and Melody Godfred started the jewelry company Fred and Far, which designs pinky rings in the name of self-love.

Reclaim yourself. Wear a symbol of belonging. To yourself. Redeem yourself,” it reads on Fred and Far’s website. “Carve out a moment to delight. To discover. To be. Remember yourself.

To describe their rings full of self-love, Far told Racked, “We harness the power of the divine feminine through our symbol of the upside triangle. There’s no other ring like it on the market. Most pinky rings are either inspired by traditional men’s signet rings, or are simply thin little bands.

What’s perhaps the best part is that these rings are made with conflict-free white sapphire stones, which means they are not made in horrific conditions. Far added that deciding to use this stone was important to them because they want their jewelry to exude conflict-fee energy, so wearers are able to feel as though they’re getting a fresh start – but not at someone else’s expense.

If you want this meaningful ring for yourself, you can choose between these four metals: 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and sterling silver. The latter costs $150, while the former three are $325.

As for self-love, it’s priceless.

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