They're just SO pretty.

A new jewellery trend has arrived and this one is all about self-gifting.

These pinky rings, courtesy of Fred and Far, are a sign of "self-commitment".

The idea was dreamed up by Samira Far and Melody Godfred with Samira explaining the concept of these rings to Racked.

"Reclaim yourself. Wear a symbol of belonging. To yourself. Redeem yourself. “Carve out a moment to delight. To discover. To be. Remember yourself".

That's not to say you need to do away with the engagement ring entirely as it could be worn with other jewellery but it's also a really nice way for YOU to treat yourself.

The rings, which include a conflict-free, lab-created, white sapphire, have a couple of celebrity fans, including Lucy Hale and Amber Rose.

Price-wise, you're looking at $150 (€140) for a sterling-silver option and $325 (€305) for yellow, white or rose gold.

Check them out below, I mean the heart design is seriously cute and the message behind the jewellery is definitely one we should all be following.