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Engagement rings are amazing. They are shiny, gorgeous, and will get you a lot of likes on social media. However, there is one BIG problem with an engagement ring - you have to be engaged to get one!

Well that’s all about to change…

Introducing you to the new trend, called anti-engagement rings.

These rings are just as important as engagement rings, expect it’s a little smaller and you can wear it on your pinky finger.

And the best feature is that you buy it for yourself!

That’s right, you don’t have to wait for someone to go down on one knee, you are independent and self-sufficient – you can buy your own ring and show it off.

This is such a cute idea! Self-love, warts and all, is a process and journey that doesn't happen over night. I'm not sure if I would go this route and buy one of these little symbols, but am all over the idea of self acceptance.

Jewelry company called Fred and Far is bringing the trend into mass popularity and have made a range of rings for you to wear.