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Los Angeles–based jewelry brand Fred and Far has debuted the Self Love Pinky Ring, a new attempt at a ring that women buy for themselves.

The ring, which features a 1.5 ct. trillion-cut lab-grown white sapphire, is available in sterling silver for $150 and in 14k rose, yellow, or white gold for $325.

This is Fred and Far’s first design. The company was founded by Samira Far and Melody Godfred. Godfred, a busy mom and entrepreneur, was inspired to create the ring after she realized she was neglecting herself. She wore a pinky ring to remind herself to practice self-love, and it was so meaningful that she wanted to bring it to other women.

She partnered with Far, and the women spent a year designing the ring and researching the stone. They decided on a lab-grown stone because it is inherently conflict-free.

“Unlike an engagement ring, which requires being chosen by another and can be worn only by a select group of women, this commitment ring is one that can be worn by any woman, at any stage in her life,” Far told Racked. “The beauty is that these two commitments are not mutually exclusive, and in fact we believe committing to yourself makes you a better partner. We decided to use the big bold design of an engagement ring and put it on the pinky, the most neglected finger on our hands, as a reminder to practice self-love and care.”

The rings, which are available to purchase on the company’s website, come with a pledge card: “I, ___, pinky promise to honor myself. To choose myself. To remember myself. On a daily basis.”

Actress Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and model Amber Rose have both been photographed wearing the ring.

The company is developing other products which, they say, “will be aligned with our central message of self-love.”