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For many women, getting married is a top priority. And why shouldn't it be? Getting hitched means you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you get to have a big party, and of course, you've got a brand new engagement ring to show off. But what if you don't get married? Sure, that means you're without a partner (at least for now) but does that mean you've got to sacrifice the fun stuff, too? Can a single girl get an engagement ring, or is it just for those who've got a mate? Now, you don't have to sacrifice the bling just because you don't have a hubby. Women everywhere are buying themselves their own engagement ring, and wearing it in a creative way. It's a declaration of independence and self-love, and it's also pretty damn cute. Check out more of this surprising story below.

Maybe you feel like you'll never get engaged: That's cool, we can dig it.

But when and if you DO get engaged, the first thing people want to see is your ring.

But now, women are wearing their engagement ring in an unconventional way.

Well, they aren't technically engagement rings: The pinky ring is a symbol of a woman being in love...with herself.

That's right: The pinky engagement ring is all about celebrating you.

Being able to love yourself, independent of having a partner, is a beautiful skill -- and it's not easy, so you should get yourself something to celebrate.

It's all about declaring self-love above all.

The pinky ring is now a strong symbol of the self-love a woman has for herself, just like the traditional engagement ring is about finding a mate.

And it's not just any ring, either.

It's a special diamond heart ring designed specifically for them.

It comes with this contract, too.

“I [insert name], pinky promise to honor myself, to choose myself, to remember myself, on a daily basis.”

They're affordable too, meaning anyone can make a commitment to themselves.

The rings cost about $150 for sterling silver and $325 for yellow, white, or rose gold.

They're flashy enough to get noticed.

And they also make the perfect accessory for any outfit.

If you really, really love yourself, you can also wear two.

One on each pinky, perhaps?

Women everywhere are finding it the perfect way to declare their independence.

So if you see one of these rings, now you'll know the deal.

It's the perfect way to celebrate yourself...

...not to mention add some much-needed bling into your accessories repertoire.

One great aspect of this is that it melds well with other accessories.

So if you don't want to talk about your engagement to yourself, hey, you don't have to!

You can also buy one to a friend.

Nothing like telling your BFF you care by giving her a gift that acknowledges her independence.

We think the whole idea is pretty cool.

It's new, it's fresh, and best of all, it's pretty. What could be better than that!